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Illuminated Kids Globe with Stand – Educational Gift with Detailed World Map and LED Light, Shows Constellations at Night (Power Cord Included)

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YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE THIS GLOBE as it quickly becomes their favorite possession. It’s fun for children to use and play with – and all the at the same time as they are learning geography, nations, bodies of water, political boundaries and much more. This is the educational toy that is an integral part of any child growing up in our global world.

2-in-1 GLOBE has clearly labeled nations, bodies of water, and much more throughout the day. Then at night the included LED light inside illuminates the night sky. Electric cord is included. Kids learn geography, political science, and astronomy! This will come in handy in school and all through life. Most adults don’t know where foreign countries are located or the major night sky constellations. Your child will know them!

ATTRACTIVE ROOM DECOR to put in your living room, den, or family room. It’s a real attention getter and conversation starter for when friends and family come over.

MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT for any child, grandchild, friend, family, or co-worker. Every kid or adult will love this top quality interactive globe.

THE IMPROVED DAY AND NIGHT GLOBE – Our company takes great care in listening to what our customers have to say, so we designed this globe to answer all of our customer needs. Our globe is bigger, sturdier and more detailed than most other light up globes out there. It was also built with UL certified electronic materials to keep up with American safety standards.
OUR 10″ GLOBE IS BIGGER (and more detailed) – One of the crucial important but overlooked aspects of a globe is its size. Most competitors sell smaller 9″ globe, which means they have less room for detail. The gap might not sound like a lot, but like our customers say, every inch counts!
3-IN-1 DESIGN TRIPLES YOUR VALUE – Planning your next go back and forth in another country? Show your kid the places you’ll visit. Going for camping in your trailer? Take the globe with you and ask your beloved to spot the stars in the sky on the globe’s constellation map. Your child can’t sleep without a nightlight? Our globe has them covered. Simply switch it on and enjoy the dim light.
UL CERTIFIED LED LIGHT AND CORD (safety first) – On the subject of safety, we don’t settle for anything less than the top standards in the market. Our LED bulb were built to last and are more power efficient than regular bulbs some other similar products on the market use.
KIDS GO CRAZY FOR THIS GLOBE (it was a HUGE Christmas hit) – Your search for the perfect educational toy for your children or grandkids is over. Your kid will immediately fall in love with this globe! It can serve a wide variety of ages, but it is most suitable for children aged 4 to 12. It is also not too bright so your kid can if truth be told sleep at the same time as it’s turned on.

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