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ACGAM Typewriter USB Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Black Switch LED Backlit 104Anti-ghosting Round Keys Vintage Keyboard USB Typewriter

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Product Features
Vintage Style: Different from the general mechanical gaming keyboard available on the market,we make the keyboard Retro and looks like a classical typewriter. The round key caps provide comfortable hit feeling.
Removable Key Caps: You’ll take off all of the caps easily to clean it or change caps.
Born for the gaming: Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is constructed of metal alloy and ABS,double-shot injection moulded keycaps, high-end switches,Non-Slip Ergonomic and Spill-Resistant Design
Play Brilliantly with More than 50 million time Perfect Keystroke Design,Engineered for Durability

Product parameters:
Number of Keys: 104
Cable Length: 1.8m
Switches: Black
Keystroke test: 50 million times
Keystroke force: 60 g
Keystroke commute: 4.0mm
Key trigger commute: 2.0mm
Hardware Platform: Linux Mac PC Unix Windows, pc
product Weight: 1150g
Package Weight:1320g
Product size: 43x12x3.7 cm
Package size:48 x 17.5 x 6 cm

Package Contents
1 x Ajazz ROBOCOP Keyboard
1x warranty card
1X Application Card

●Anti-Ghosting: The Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 104 full keys no conflict means this keyboard will never miss a single key-press or confuse your commands in any use case scenario.
●High Quality: Double-shot-molded ABS keycaps are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant for solid long-term use and extended product lifetime.
●Features: Retro inspired handcrafted typewriter keycaps with chrome trim that lasts a lifetime.
●Ergonomics Design : Detachable hand rest can make you are feeling comfortable when you typing or gaming without hang wrist in the air.
●Black switch and blue switch differenceBlue:blue Switch a little stronger but the flexibility of the keystrokes, a strong sense of rhythm, using more crisp sound, paragraph feel goodBlack, Black Switch button flexibility is excellent, whether it is work or play games can cope, feel good, delay is small but the pressure grams is somewhat large, Typing beneficial blue switch, play games beneficial black switch

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