Fountain Pen Modern Classic Limited Edition | Executive Fountain Pens| Vintage Pens Collection | Business Gift Pen | Calligraphy | Writing (black)

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Executive quality and style

A simple articulation of modern Cross design, this elegant writing instrument features a traditional well-balanced profile in a
selection of sophisticated finishes. A multi-grooved centre ring with deep-cut engraved accents adds just the right amount of flair.

The Hero series is an instant classic with professional master style lines and sophisticated finishes. Its light weight, smooth, bold outline and chrome finish make it possible to see a clean, fresh look on the table every time.

Elastic stainless steel tip, writing more smooth, no damping;
High-quality writing tips for long-term use;
Double support ink system, the way is simpler!

Presented in a premium gift box

The product contains:
Box Contains

【TRUE BODY DESIGN – CORRECTIVE GRIP POSE】 : The use of environmentally friendly high-quality black paint + brilliant eye-catching sheet metal, in the original smooth and smooth writing feel, can help you master the correct grip position.
【REVOLUTIONARY ERGOCOMFORT TECHNOLOGY】 : means you enjoy hours of UNINTERRUPTED WRITING without any strain to your wrist or hand. A Delicate Weight to Comfort Ratio to suit both Left and Right handed writers.
【WE PROVIDES INK BAG AND INK SUCTION SYSTEM】 : two ink supply methods, can make your hands free from the trouble of being stained with ink.
【DURABLE AND STRONG ELASTIC STAINLESS STEEL NIB, ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF THE WRITING】: The 0.5mm nib made by the German professional master Sebani, the mass neutral specifications are suitable for writing, trademarks, architecture, drawing structures…
【OUR WRITING TOOLS ARE THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION】 : Whether you are a student, teacher, leader, or business elite, white-collar, or director, this pen can bring you more than just written emotional pleasure, but also a symbol of honor!

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