iPhyhe 60 Minutes Hourglass, One Hour Sand Timer with White Wooden Frame (Green Sand)

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About Us :

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About Us :

As a seller, iPhyhe is at all times making great effort to provide the top quality product and best after-sales service for our customers.

We really hope you enjoy the product, and if there are any issues with the product, please feel free to contact us.

We guarantee that we can address the issue with you together ASAP.

Application of The Hourglass :

Timing : Measure some of your tasks at work and around the house.

Soothing : It is just the right size for a office desk. If you are frustrated with too much going on there, look at the hourglass and the sand will calm you.

Non-intrusive : Recommend it to therapists/counselors for the reason that they are able to use it throughout counseling/therapy sessions so the client can see how the hour is going by. Keeps things heading in the right direction.

Office and Home Decor : Great table piece and beautiful addition to your office. With attractive design and sturdy construction, the hourglass will add character and color to your room.

Perfect Gift : You’ll buy this for your friends, families, co-workers for all sorts of festivals. Hourglass means memory, so giving it as a gift means giving the person a good memory.

Kindly Reminder :

The hourglass is not digital timing device so it is accurate to within a minute or two.

Buy it now and have it sitting at your office desk, you’ll receive a lot of compliments about it!
Solid Construction – The hourglass is made of wood, ABS, glass and sand. Well-made with solid white-painted wood and the glass is nice, no flaws/bubbles.
Dimension – 8 inches high and 4 inches long/wide. The sand timer is not too large and not too small, nice for displaying.
Elegant Design – The white wooden frame matches the sand (green/blue/pink/purple sand are available) perfectly, which makes it unique and is a good center decorative piece.
Timing Device – The timer is non-intrusive – almost soothing -way to keep track of time intervals without the pressure of looking at a clock! It adds character to any work area!
Gift Packaged – The hourglass is well packaged with a box and foam. If you wish to order it like a gift, it’s already packaged like one.

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