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Lily’s Home 15-Minute Hourglass Sand Timer with Cherry Finished Wood Base, Stylish Centerpiece for Home or Office Use, Ideal Gift for Executive, Chef or Kitchen Connoisseur (7.5″ Tall x 5″ Dia. Base)

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A Timeless Commentary Piece For Your Home Or Workplace. Wherever you place this elegant timer, you’re sure to add a touch of elegance. Gorgeous hand-blown glass sand timer is surrounded by a beautiful cherry wood frame. Pure white sand drifts from the top chamber to the bottom in approximately 15 minutes, the easiest time for your meeting, lunch break or work session.

Just flip the hourglass and set it down on its base to reset the timer. You’ll be able to find it relaxing to sit down and watch the sand drift through the glass. Adds a sense of serenity to a stressful place of work or a hectic home, as a gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy its simple beauty.

This elegant sand timer makes a beautiful gift for weddings and birthdays, though your recipients will love it any time of year.

ELEGANT, FUNCTIONAL DECOR. Wood frame with cherry finish and hand-blow glass adds a polished touch to your home or Workplace.
A STYLISH WAY TO TIME MEETINGS. Use the 15-minute timer to time anything from meetings and lunch breaks at the Workplace, to games and playtime at home.
MAKES A GREAT CENTERPIECE. At 7.5″ in height and 4.75″ diameter at the base, this large hourglass is a true conversation starter. Strikingly elegant, it’s both a murals and a great tool.
GIVE AS A GIFT. Elegant cherry wood frame is durable and complements any kitchen. Makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.
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