OrgaNice Hourglass Sand Timer – 30 Minute & 5 Minute Timer Set – Improve Productivity & Achieve Goals – Stay Focused & Be More Efficient – Time Management Tool – [Gift-Ready Packaging]

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Are you constantly bombarded by distractions?

Does work continue to pile up in front of you?

Are your goals getting pushed back day after day?

**The OrgaNice Hourglass Sand Timer was designed for hardworking people just like you!

30 minutes of work. 5 minutes of rest – OrgaNice Sand Timer provides an optimal time period for work and rest.

Looks great on any desk – Blow their own horns the elegant, minimalist design.

Complete your life goals sooner – By working effectively every day, you’ll start to conquer your biggest ambitions!

Sturdy, reliable timers – These timers are crafted with a tough borosilicate glass and include elegant wooden bases to hold up your timers safely.

Improve your productivity – In a simple yet highly effective way. Work for 30 minutes, then rest for 5 to prevent burnout.

**Prevent Distractions and Stay Focused

Hourglass timers don’t just keep you focused.

They’re also a clear, visible sign to other people in your office that you’re in the course of a focus session.

By flipping your sand clock, you give yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted workflow. Just make sure your coworkers know what you’re up to.

**Don’t Let Life Get In Your Way

With the entire distractions, obligations, and constant social media notifications, it’s easy to lose focus.

These simple hour glass timers will will let you carve out the time you wish to have to conquer your to-do list. This is your moment.

**Productivity Tips Included!

Learn how to use these sand timers effectively for increased productivity.

Following the simple work-rest pattern in our bonus productivity guide, you’ll squeeze in more work, eliminate distractions, and achieve your objectives.

30 MINUTES OF WORK, 5 MINUTES OF REST – These elegant yet sturdy sand timers make it easy to track your work, measure your progress, and prevent burnout. With half an hour of work and a solid 5-minute break, you’ll stay focused and productive for longer.
ACHIEVE BIG GOALS EASILY – Breaking down your goals makes them easier to achieve. By turning your ambitions into small, measurable units with the black sand timer, you’ll spend your time wisely and reach your life goals faster.
ELEGANT SAND TIMER – These sturdy borosilicate glass sand timers are simply gorgeous. The minimalist design and contrasting Black and White sand will stand out on any desk, doubling as a decorative boost in your productivity.
STURDY AND STABLE – These solid glass sand timers are built to last, and with the bonus beech wood stands with soft felt bases, your hourglasses will remain stable and secure even when you find yourself working in a busy coffee shop.
BE MORE PRODUCTIVE INSTANTLY – Working without a set time limit leaves you open to distractions and burnout. With this 30-minute sand timer and the 5-minute hourglass, you’ll tackle your work efficiently. Break down your work into easy, efficient intervals.

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