Vintage Hourglass Square shaped base Sand Timer 30 Minute Wood Sand Timer for Kitchen, Office, School and Decorative Use – Finish with Real Beach Blue Sand

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Function:for decoration and gifts

Placed an Hourglass at the desk could also be very stylish

Sand flows through in 30 minutes; flip over for the sand timer to start out again

The hourglass is a fun piece that can be utilized just for looks or to time things. This hourglass is safety , fitted to cooking, playing games or practice timing. the hourglass looks beautiful, household ornaments, but a practical tool in life

Subject material: wooden & glass & sand
Size: 14.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 cm
Product features: valentine’s day gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, furniture, handicraft, personal collection
Product use: save water, doing homework, playing games, give protection to you brush your teeth, outside play
Products elegant, small size, don’t take a spot

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