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Vintage Map of The World Wrapping Paper – Premium 28″X20″ 5-Sheet Gift Wrap Per Pack. Spectacular Colton 1855 Edition. Unique, Strong & Recyclable – from Journo Travel. (2 Styles Available)

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Your friends and family deserve the best… it’s why you worked hard on your gift, why you’re spending your hard-earned money, and why you’re even searching online for cool wrapping paper in the first place. Well, amigo, you’re in luck because we’re happy to say, your search is over! 🙂

Grab yourself this unique, gorgeous world map wrapping paper and make your gift stand out among all the rest.

Something we want you to know, though…

We’re not a wrapping paper company (we’re actually a travel company). Eke! GASP! We know, we know… crazy, right? Why are we even making gift wrap anyways? Well, there’s a pretty cool story behind that:

A few years ago, founder of Journo Travel Goods, Dane Homenick, was cruising The Bahamas with his wife Makaela on their sailboat ‘Sea Otter.’ And since things can change pretty quickly on the ocean (you know, new shipwrecks, shifting sands, etc.), you shouldn’t use old navigational charts.

So instead of throwing away these gorgeous old charts from all over the Caribbean, they thought they’d use them as wrapping paper…

Turns out their friends talked about the wrapping paper more than the present inside! (So either they’re bad at buying gifts or the wrapping paper was just that awesome hehe)

Naturally, we thought we’d make some for the Journo community… and things just took off.

This first batch we’re talking about are the Straits of Florida Nautical Chart Edition. Since it went so well, we decided to make another one…

And that’s the classic style you’re eyeballing right now – The vintage 1855 World Atlas Edition.

What other wrapping paper has a back story like that? 🙂

On top of that, we have an unbeatable guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us for a full refund.

For the thoughtful decoration to that special gift, choose this different, bright, and colorful world map design now!

BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE VINTAGE WORLD MAP DESIGN: No more boring wrapping paper for you. Instead, crank up your present a notch with this cool and colorful global design!
THICK & DURABLE: Forget that wimpy gift wrap that tears as you wrap your presents. These sheets are specifically made out of thick-stock art paper so they’re durable and even reusable… and they’re even eco-friendly!
USEFUL FOR ANYTHING: Join other excited buyers who have used this awesome design for DIY projects at home or at the office. Great for birthdays, parties, weddings, anniversaries, holidays and all other special occasions.
FIVE SHEETS INCLUDED: To make sure you have more than enough for gifts of all sizes, we’ve stocked each pack with 5 individual sheets… totalling over eleven feet (11ft) of length!
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: From those who travel, to the armchair tourists who dream of traveling (and everyone in between)… our signature world atlas picture will be loved by all and is only available from Journo.

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