A. Dougherty No.18 Triplicate Dragon Back Playing Card Restoration, Blue

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This used to be the primary dragon back, The USA Playing Card Company still makes a Bicycle version these days. Andrew Dougherty used to be granted a U.S. Patent for the Triplicate feature which used to be a miniature card placed within the top left and bottom right corners. It used to be a revolution in the way in which cards might be held and viewed. The ornamental ace of spades and the wrapper for the primary No.18 Triplicate deck showed a fanned hand of cards with the triplicate miniature indices viewable on every card. The USA Playing card company has worked with us on many of our restorations. The tuck box, back design and ace of spades have been approved by The USA playing card company as the restored art work for the deck. A. Dougherty is a registered trademark of The United Stated Playing Card Company.

Playing cards restored from the original 1876 dragon back deck printed by Andrew Dougherty
Retro playing cards restored by home run games and printed by the USPCC

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