Home Run Games 8-Bit Mini Werewolf and Mafia

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The box includes both Mafia and Werewolf in one deck. They’re both easy celebration games for 7+ players. Both games are a masterful creation of bluffing, paranoia, and mob rule. Mafia used to be created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. In 1997 Andrew Plotkin turned the sport into werewolf. There are a plethora of published versions of both games, but we wish to make one that may be easy, portable, inexpensive and appears great. Included within the deck are 27 Mafia cards and 27 Werewolf cards,and rules for both games.

2 Awesome 7-25 player games in 1, werewolf and mafia pixel art deck
Werewolf and mafia card game 7-25 players, both games in one package

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