HTB Bamboo Cutting Board,Organic Kitchen Chopping Boards,For Bread,Cheese,Meat,Veggies board

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The HTB Brand

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The HTB Brand

The brand of “HTB” ONLY belongs to Hong Tai Bamboo Company sale.Other unauthorized sales are fake or counterfeit products.Hong Tai Bamboo Company is one of OEM factoty in the bamboo tableware industry since 1986.Its main products include Cutting Board,Trays & Boxs ,Bamboo Utensil set,ect.

The Features of HTB Bamboo Cutting Boards
♥ Naturally moisture resistant,less porous than wood,Withstand bacterial growth
♥ Withstand warping, scratching,cracking and splitting
♥ Does not leave knife marks and never dull your knives
♥ No stains, glue or pesticides,so it is 100% Food Safe
♥ Durable,in addition to sturdy,these utility bamboo Cutting board last more than plastic hanger.
♥ The cutting boards are also double sided, which help prevent cross contamination of different food types.
♥ As a tray, they replace the need for a trivet or heat mat to give protection to the table surface from heat damage.

High Quality Bamboo Materials
The HTB Bamboo Cutting Boards are made from 100% top quality natural bamboo and entirely handcrafted.
Bamboo can reduce carbon dioxide gases and is an environmentally friendly, unexpectedly renewable resource.
The lovely honey color of Bamboo is produced entirely naturally, without the usage of stain or paint.
Bamboo is 16% stronger than Maple and is 33% lighter in weight than Oak.Naturally antibacterial.

Tips for Maintaining Bamboo Cutting Boards

Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent and let it air dry.
On occasion wipe down with mineral oil.
Never soak in water and do not expose for any period in case of cracking.
Dimensions:Small:10.63″ x 7.68″ x 0.7″,Medium:12.99″ x 9.05″ x 0.7″,Large:15.5″ x 11.8″ x 0.7″;HTB bamboo cutting board is Healthy and Eco-friendly and Simple and Convenient.
Multi-functional£ºHTB boards are attractive yet functional and can be utilized to slice meat,chop veggies,serve appetizers or make cocktail garnishes or as a tray to replaces the need for a trivet or heat mat.
Product Features:HTB cutting board is thick,solid and strong;Not easy to crack or splinter and doesn’t dull knives;Naturally moisture resistant,Less Porous than wood,Withstand Bacterial growth;Incorporates no chemicals or formaldehyde.
High Quality Bamboo:Premium Organic HTB cutting boards are made of Eco-friendly, Sustainable,100% top quality moso bamboo.Bamboo has Natural Antibacterial properties and is Strength,Density and Durable.
Brand£ºThe brand of “HTB” ONLY belongs to Hong Tai Bamboo Company sale. Other unauthorized sales are fake or counterfeit products.

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