Wood Cutting Board. More Reliable than Bamboo Cutting Board and More Organic than Plastic Cutting Board. Size 18x 10x 4/5 in. Butcher Block Cutting Board. Perfect Cook’s Gift.

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Prepare Meals Like Professional Chefs With Our Premium Wood Cutting Board by The Board!

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Prepare Meals Like Professional Chefs With Our Premium Wood Cutting Board by The Board!

During ancient times, cooks and housewives used covers made of stone (marble cutting board or glass cutting board), to prepare cutting boards for meat, to slice fruits and vegetables, chop nuts and filet fish.
The first cutting board wood or butcher block cutting board was made in the 13th century and have continued to strengthen ever since.

And guess what? Many companies present different acacia cutting board or maple cutting boards or walnut cutting board, but most of them don’t seem to be made from 100% natural organic wood and
coated with a special oil to maintain the quality of your board. For example bamboo cutting board will serve you in 5-10 times faster. And plastic cutting board will not eco friendly if it does matter for You.

And Why should you get the Our Kitchen Cutting Board in particular? And Why our Boards preferably than cutting boards bamboo?

Let us count the reasons why:
1. Lightweight and A Durable Wooden Cutting Board will help you to cook improbable dishes and use as a Curving Board.
2. High Quality And Long-Lived not flexible Cutting Boards by Z.O.L.A. Are Made From 100% Natural Organic Oak.
3. Compact And Convenient Cutting board wood end grain for use and storage.
4. Our Cutting Boards for kitchen is Covered With Mineral Oil for cutting board and will serve you for a long time, if you’re going to properly care for it.
5. Our Boards used by Professional Chefs to prepare their Masterpieces. Cook Like A Professional Chef the use of the Cutting Boards by The Board.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL BOARD – THE BOARD cutting board wood end grain is perfect for every cook: from professional chefs to beginners. The board can be used to prepare your meal whether it’s chopping tomatoes or carving a juicy piece of meat. You’ll be able to use it like Butcher Block Cutting Board too. Also, it makes a great serving plate to serve appetizers like crackers, cheese. Use it cutting boards for meat, fish or bread.
OUTSTANDING CUTTING BOARD FOR KITCHEN – The board is manufactured 4/5 inches thick to provide the ultimate quality and durability. It’s going to not warp over time like low-quality bamboo cutting boards, and it won’t damage your knives all the way through use like plastic cutting board or marble cutting board or glass cutting board. This cutting board wood is permeated with mineral oil for cutting board to give protection to the structure from damage and potent flavors.
SIMPLE DESIGN – Constructed from 100% natural oak and better than maple cutting board or acacia cutting board or walnut cutting board. Smart form, unique pattern and easy to clean. 18 inches long and 10 inches wide, this not flexible cutting board is the perfect size to cook and stow away.
GREAT PRESENT – Wood Cutting board by THE BOARD is a perfect gift for weddings, holidays, housewarmings, birthdays or other special events! It is a usable gift for home cooks and chefs. According to a study by Boston University, a third of Americans change their kitchen cutting board every six months.
REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – These cutting boards comes with a full 6 month limited warranty and a 60-day replacement guarantee. We are sure that our boards will serve you longer than cutting boards bamboo or others. Just click add to cart to take our wooden cutting board.

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