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Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine with 3 Sugar Pack – Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry

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“ABSOLUTE FUN! Our kids LOVED this!” | “Enough sugar to last us a very long time! My son loves inviting friends over for cotton candy and the kids enjoy coming over too!” | “The machine is easy to clean, the pieces remove easily and the sugar dissolves in warm water quickly!”

With the Cotton Candy Express Machine and Sugars, you’ll be able to put out of your mind the long lines and inflated prices at the circus or fair. Enjoy your own hand-spun delicious cotton candy at home! This package features the top-rated Cotton Candy Express Cotton Candy Machine and three delicious flavors of floss sugar – Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Grape. These flavors are 11 ounces each and one jar is sufficient to make 20-30 servings! We’ve also included 50 durable paper cones, at the side of a sugar scoop and striped cones which include the machine.

This cotton candy maker kit will be perfect for your sweet tooth. It is a great addition to weddings, birthday parties and other fun events. This kit used to be made with kids and adults in mind – it contains NO gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, or soy! For additional flavors, try our 5 flavor machine & sugar package!

Go ahead and give it a shot! Make your own cotton candy at home with more than a few flavor choices! Order the Cotton Candy Express machine party kit today and pair it with any Cotton Candy Express sugar flavors for a number of delicious treats!

ALL IN ONE COTTON CANDY KIT: Features Pink Cotton Candy Machine, Cherry, Blue Raspberry & Grape Floss Sugar & 50 Paper Cones
YUMMY FUN FOR EVERYONE: DIY Cotton Candy for Kids and Adults to Enjoy Together – Watch as Cotton Candy Forms a Puff of Sweetness
CARNIVAL QUALITY COTTON CANDY: Make a classic cotton candy treat in your own home
AN’T STOP, WON’T STOP: Also Try Our Other Cotton Candy Flavors and Add to Your Assortment
CUSTOMERS SAY: The finished candy is nice, fluffy and it tastes sooo good. | It is a fun activity for the family or a party

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