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UPSTYLE Retro Eco-friendly Wheat Straw Lightweight Cup Biodegradable Mug Plastic Tumbler for Water, Coffee, Milk,Tea Size 13.5 oz (pack of 4)

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Product Features:

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Product Features:

1. Material: eo friendly and environmental wheat straw ,starch and water,no damage to body,Can also be biodegradable.


3. size 13.5 oz.

4.Design:The cup is reverse design,30°angle make the cup mouth not touch desktop ,make the cup bottom dry quickly,It is easy to clean Can also be anti-bacteria,anti-dust.
The top of cup assists in keeping away from the surface with an angle,and thumb groove can make the cup easy to hold,provide you with a comfortable feeling.
R angle design and internal arc which make the cup easy to clean,external arc make the cup look more unique.And the cup with a large mouth and large capacity.

Make a selection our cup reasons:

Our cups are environmental and natural heath, no any heavy metal,It is recycle and Can also be biodegradable.

Package Content:
4 colors cup (Green,Pink,Blue,Beige)
Eo Friendly Material:Wheat straw,starch,water and so forth.It is healthy and environmental,no damage on your body.Can also be biodegradable
Size:The mug size is 13.5 oz and heat resistant 120℃
Lightweight and durable use.Natural environmental production,bring you the enjoyment of health and smooth care for.
Creative design,probably the most ergonomic with thumb rest,easy to take and unbreakable.
The top of the cup assists in keeping away from the surface with an angle , dustproof and germproof

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