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Glogex Black Silicone Drink Coaster Set of 8, Prevents Furniture and Tabletop Damages, Absorbs Spills and Condensation

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Sleek Design Silicone Drink Coaster Set

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Sleek Design Silicone Drink Coaster Set

Never worry about nasty water stains on your nice furniture again! The neutral black color and beehive design give these coasters a modern, professional look that seems just as much at home in the office, the bar or your house.

Excellent Furniture Protection

Thanks to the anti-slip, spacious design of our coasters, they absorb all spillage and condensation liquid between the deep grooves. Never worry about someone ruining your nice wooden furniture with water stains again!

Safe and Durable

These coasters have a perfect grip on the drinks places on them, making it harder to spil them from the glasses . They’re made from prime quality food grade silicone, so You’ll use them as a spoon rest or to place any utensils on safely that you’re going to eat from. These drink coasters will last you for many decades to come, thanks to their sturdy design.

We Guarantee Your Enjoyment of this Product!

If for any reason you aren’t completely pleased with our drink coaster set, then we offer you your whole money back, without any questions asked.

Buy Your Own Set of Amazing Absorbent Drink Coasters NOW! Your furniture will be thankfulÉ
MODERN EYE-CATCHING DESIGN! Our coasters are made to look sleek and professional in every environment, protecting your furniture with its amazing design.
PROTECTS YOUR FURNITURE! The beehive-like grooves of our drink coaster set contain any spilling and condensation from your drink, protecting your precious furniture from marks.
SAFE AND COOL! This 8 piece set is made from high food grade silicone to last you for years yet to come. You’ll also use it for resting spoons, as a part of a bar set or as a table pad.
LARGE ENOUGH FOR ANY DRINK! These drink coasters hold any normal glass size perfectly. They’re dishwasher secure for fast and easy cleanup when you need it.

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