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Premium Quality Drink Coasters, Set of 9 Black Coasters + FREE eBook, For All Beverages & Types Of Furniture,Supreme Medical Grade Silicone Construction, Modern, Thick, Leakproof & Non Slip,Large 4.3″

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Need a coaster to place your drink? Get the ultimate drink coaster now and enjoy yourself!

You can use it no matter what you are drinking. These actually absorbent coasters can hold glasses of wine, large beer pints, small iced coffees and elegant flutes of champagne!

Extra Thick Ergonomic Design – Totally Flat Bottom For Stability

Thanks to their thickly made design, every type of glass can fit properly. You’ll sit back and enjoy your drink without worrying about stains and leaks.

Take them outside, at your backyard, put them on any surface and feel confident your drink is not going to fall. Let alone leave any unnecessary spills!

Medical Grade Silicone Since Quality All the time Matters

Lillc has used medical grade silicone to assure maximum results and the best quality at the same time. How many times did you leave a cool glass of water on your nightstand and tomorrow ater rings appeared?

Frustrating, right? That clearly won’t happen after buying our drink coasters. We will be able to guarantee about that.

What are you waiting for? Get these 9 drink coasters …. and bottoms up!

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Have you been on the lookout for a HIGH QUALITY set of coasters which will provide a superior level of moisture PROTECTION for your wooden furniture? Well, you’re in luck! Our round rubber silicone drink coasters are designed to offer users an EASY and CONVENIENT way to prevent water stains on all of their favorite pieces of furniture.

This coaster set by Lillc includes a total of NINE 4.3″x 4.3″ black rubber coasters. The round shape and standard size allow these coasters to be used on a variety of stemware and glassware including those that are designed to hold beverages such as whiskey, bourbon, wine, champagne, beer, coffee and so much more!
KEEP YOUR FURNITURE STAIN FREE OR YOUR MONEY BACK!: Just in case you are experiencing any problems with our drink coasters don’t hesitate to contact us. Our modern coasters come with a 100% money back LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We are pretty sure that you won’t be using it! So just place your order now and take pleasure in our special offer!
MORE & BIGGER COASTERS + A FREE COCKTAIL EBOOK BONUS($10 VALUE): Go ahead and invite your friends to come over tonight! These round black mats will hold any type of drink you like. You name it! Beer? Wine? Water? Soda? Or maybe Champagne? Nine stylish coasters will make sure that your glasses are safe and stable at the same time! Raise them and make a toast!
STAIN & LEAK FREE: Don’t you just simply hate it when you pour a drink, place it on the coaster and after a at the same time as your marvelous wooden little table has a stain on it? Lillc has designed these coasters to be absolutely leakproof. No more spilling on your precious sofa! This is the end of whisky stains on your dining set. Everything is crystal clear now. Consider us on that!
SUPREME QUALITY MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE COASTERS: Enjoy your everyday coffee or cup of tea on these thick coasters(3/16 inch) and worry no more! We have designed them with extra care so that you could satisfy your daily needs to the fullest. Medical grade silicone is used so that you could avoid any skin rashes that food grade silicone might cause.
COLD & HOT RESISTANT – GREAT STABILITY: These silicone coasters can hold extremely hot drinks (tea/coffee) or ultra icy (granite drinks/ice buckets) without any damaging effects. Our drink coasters are made in such a way, in order for the bottom to secure incomparable stability, for any grown up and kid that can

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