Window Garden Rustic Charm 6” Planter – Fine Home Décor Ceramic Indoor Decorative Pot. for or Herbs, Flowers, Succulents. Beautifully Packaged, Great Gift for Mom, Office, Holiday.

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*** You wouldn’t have to sacrifice style for function anymore, with Window Garden you get both. ***

*** Click on the Window Garden link below the product name to visit our Amazon store for more unique growing innovations ***

This listing includes 1 – 6″ Rustic Charm Planter, 1 – Germination bag and 1 – Quart of Fiber Soil with hydrating bag.

You’ve got two choices if you wish to add green to your living space, 1) Purchase the same old boring planter that looks ok and grows a plant for a whilst, or 2) Choose a planter that:

a) Makes your plants look great.

b) Adds style to your home.

c) Comes beautifully packaged.

d) Includes a unique soil that makes your plant flourish.

e) Includes germination bags for easy seed starting.

f) Includes clear, illustrated instructions to verify success.

Grow Some Seeds, It’s Fun!

The three biggest mistakes people make when growing plants by seed are:

1) Letting the seed dry out right through germination.

2) Not germinating the seed in a warm enough environment.

3) Over watering the plant after the seed germinates.

We’ve taken steps that can assist you succeed.

1) We’ve included a germination bag to be able to keep seed warm and moist.

2) We’ve provided a unique fiber soil that has an unbelievable ability to prevent overwatering. Most potting soils get overly wet depleting its oxygen reserve, which eventfully causes plant failure. Our Fiber Soil holds its structure, supplying ample oxygen to plant roots, allowing plants to grow and flourish.

Note: Fiber Soil has minimal nutrients. It’s recommended to add fertilizer for your plants, for seedlings add fertilizer after seeds have germinated and grown up to about ½” tall.

Now, Let’s Get Growing!

***CHECK OUT OUR STORE! – Click on the blue Window Garden link at top of page*** GORGEOUS – Designed with a distinctive rustic style, this attractive flowerpot will add an old world charm feel to any house. Plant an orchid, cactus or an African Violet, any plant will look stunning in this planter.
INCLUDES SOIL – Plants thrive and live longer with our unique Fiber Soil. The natural fibers provide abundant oxygen which reduces root rot from over watering, the number one reason for plant failure the usage of traditional potting soil.
SEED STARTING – We’ve even included germination bags to start seeds. Place the bag over the planter to retain moisture and keep seeds warm. Start a kitchen garden from seed and have fresh herbs to cook with whenever you want them.
5 COLOR CHOICES – Choose a color that complement’s your home, Terra Cotta, Charcoal, Verde, Ivory and Slate.
GIFT IT or KEEP IT?? – Unique style, beautifully packaged and multi-functional. This is an outstanding gift for Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, housewarming, etc. ***Caution*** – Once you see it, you might want it for yourself. 🙂

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