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Stormshopping 16 Pcs Decorative Bronze Vintage Hijab Pins Brooch Pins Safety Pins Set

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16 Pcs Antique Bronze Hijab Pins Set

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16 Pcs Antique Bronze Hijab Pins Set

The set includes 16 different designs pins which pictured on this page. 
These popular new style of pins have the utility of a traditional hijab safety pin, with an updated new look. They can be used in a variety of ways on your hijab.

Material: alloy
Color: bronze

Note: These pins are thicker than traditional hijab pin so you have to check if your hijab is made of strong materials, so he can support the weight. 

Package Include: 16 x Hijab Pins
Come with 16 pieces retro hijab pins
Pins length about 5.4 cm / 2.1 inch
Homemade design accessories, Exquisite designed ornament brooch pin,elegant and very eye catching
16 different types of pins you will be able to choose the one you want, depending of the event you will attend
Use them for a knit or loosely woven fabric,such as sweater or scarf,it will suit perfectly

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