Brightech Lucas – Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp For Bedroom Reading – Brighten Living Room Corners with A Free Standing Light – Tall Office Lighting With Drum Shade & Handsome Wood Finish Price:  (as of 14/02/2020 11:16 PST- Details)

The Lucas Neeson of Lights

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The Lucas Neeson of Lights

The Lucas LED sophisticated lamp is all the time ready to turn in a strong performance even as staying focused on the bigger picture. No matter what role Lucas needs to fill in your living or work space, this prestigious flamekeeper will all the time be prepared to get the job done using a very particular set of skills with style. Liven up your den even as investing into cost effective LED lighting equipment providing practical warm light that will help you save money on your power bill for future years.

The glowing shades illuminating from the ambient light of Lucas cast an empowered aura into any room’s atmosphere. Easy install lights such as the Lucas diffuser shade lamp are the perfect solution for renters, apartment lease situations, dorm room dwellers, and even homeowners who might not have time to install more complicated lighting fixtures. No holes to drill, no sheetrock to cut, and no hassle to setting perfect mood lighting for any occasion!

Replacement Bulbs Made Easy

Brightech designed Lucas to have a standard E26 socket base for the included LightPro LED Bulb. These bulbs feature 800 Lumens of 3,000 Kelvin color temperature illumination that lasts for over 45,000 hours. Chances are you’re going to not need a replacement any time soon, but when you do, they are going to be easy to find!

Modern Luxury, Stylish Design

The sturdy base and designer elliptical shaped Maple Eucalyptus Wood pole of Lucas are constructed from top of the range materials before being christened with stylish shades and brushed steel accents. A switch located on the pole of this shade lamp conveniently provides a simple way to set perfect lighting for any occasion. From bachelor pads and diva lounges to family living rooms or professional waiting rooms, the Lucas LED Floor Lamp will look and feel right at home.

Steal the Show with The Brightech Lucas LED Floor Lamp!
REFINED SOPHISITCATION – The luxurious Maple Eucalyptus Wood finish of the Liam LED accent lamp is crafted to charm the background of your memories at home for future years. Standing 61 inches tall, Liam is a great corner lamp too. The included 9.5 Watt E26 socket LED Brightech LightPro bulb feature a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin and 800 Lumens even as lasting for over 45,000 hours! Do not be concerned about staying cool either because our innovative LED technology never heats up a room.
INTERIOR DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – The stylish form and relaxing, shaded light make Lucas an exceptional choice within any traditional, modern, urban, minimalist, or retro vintage themed room. Featuring a premium quality body anchored by a round 10 ” dome-styled base, this LED free standing lamp is as useful as it is beautiful. Lucas combines energy saving innovative engineering with contemporary vision at an affordable price to provide continuous lighting for future years.
DECORATIVE FURNITURE WITH PRESTIGE – The upscale vibe of the Lucas LED Floor Lamp brings a touch of elegance to any living room, bedroom, office space, executive suite, library or study, and anywhere else fine woodworking with silky smooth lighting is desired. The energy efficient LED bulb stays dignified at the back of the white poly-cotton blend fabric of the drum lamp shade secured by a matching wood finial. The 13″ by 16″ shade is open on top and bottom to provide balanced light without being harsh.
STAY COOL – Brightech’s advanced LED lights all the time keep it cool and never generate heat the way old school incandescent or halogen bulbs do. You’ll be able to leave them on for hours and hours without ever heating up a room! Simulate warm spectrum café lighting even as enjoying coffee or drinks with friends and family even as staying comfortable under the glowing shades of ambiance provided by Lucas. Best of all, the power saving 3,000K LED bulbs won’t make your electricity bill break a sweat either…
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY – Brightech stands at the back of our products 100%. All of our lamps come with a full 3-year warranty. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, please contact us because our industry-leading commitment to you’re going to make things right! Brightech lights the way to customer satisfaction even as focusing on creating innovative yet affordable lighting to infuse the color of light into every room of your life.

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