How Old Is Vintage

‘Vintage’, ‘retro’, ’antique’ or ‘vintage style’… what’s the difference? And how can you distinguish between truly valuable items, such as vintage cameras and vintage motorcycle helmets, and things that are just plain old?

The main factor to take into consideration when searching for vintage items, is age. There are many products labelled as vintage, including many fairly new items, and so are misleading. There are also many different opinions on how old something must be in order to achieve the title ‘vintage’. Some believe that they must be at least 50 years old, however the general consensus is that it must simply be at least 20 years old. This is slightly different with vintage decor and furniture, such as vintage lamps and vintage coffee tables, where the minimum age is considered 30. In any case, anything older than 100 is bumped up to the ‘antique’ category.

Although vintage items as a whole are becoming more and more popular these days, the leader of the craze has got to be vintage fashion. All kinds of clothing items, including vintage dresses, vintage t-shirts, vintage hats and even vintage shoes are making a sincere comeback. But what exactly is vintage clothing? Here too, age plays a definite role, and the item must be between 20 to 100 years old in order to receive the vintage classification. However, due to the common mislabeling of items, usually in an effort to boost interest, it is extremely important to look out for original items and not fall in the net of ‘vintage inspired’ items. For example, vintage wedding dresses – they’ve become extremely popular recently, however quite a few people so far have been duped into paying way too much for something created quite recently and merely made to look vintage.

Here at, we truly believe in the vintage revolution and that we owe it to the good old days to not take credit when it’s not due. Do yourself a favor and make sure your money is well spent -buy real vintage today and pay respect both to yourself and to these wonderful items.

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