How to Choose the best String Lights – Top 5 Tips

Changing the lighting style or rather the type of lights used can help you to modify the complete feeling of the place. But the availability of different kinds of string lights in the market has made it a lot tough for us to choose the most suitable one.

Before jumping into any conclusion or choosing the final one, make sure to consider your needs properly. As even though there are a variety of best patio string lights available, all of them are really not going to suit everywhere. Try to decide according to the place where you want to hang those lights from, maybe in your garden or your drawing room and also according to what ambiance you want to create there.

On the other hand, we end up feeling puzzled at that moment when we see too many beautiful and elegant lights displayed in front of us. And that is why these five tips are going to help you to choose the apt chain of string lights for your place.

1. Identify the place first where you want to use the lights.
Just a simple chain of light can bring in a huge difference to a place. It not only changes the atmosphere of the room, but it also brings a different vibe too. If you are willing to put the lights in your garden in order to have a nice dinner with your family, opt for dim lights which will offer a soothing feeling to the place. Whereas if you are going to try the best patio string lights and illuminate the garden for playing outdoor games, maybe using a strong and bigger size bulb will work better. Similarly, decide the place or spot where you are willing to decorate with the chain of lights, observe it from a different angle, decide whether you want a soft string lights chain or a strong and bold one and finally start your hunt for them according to your needs.

2. View that room/spot from different angles.
You are staying in that house maybe for years now. Or if it is your office corridor, you are already working there for quite some time too. You have already walked there for n number of times in your unconscious mindset and you are well familiar with each and every nook.
And thus, view that particular room from all the possible angles and try to visualize the room or corridor filled with chains of string lights.
Imagine the room filled with beautiful rays of hope. And at least try to figure out how many chains you are going to need to decorate the place completely.

3. Decide the purpose of those lights in that place and why you want them to be put there.
If you are planning for a dinner date with your wife in the backyard of your house, you are going to feel comfortable if you get some soothing and warm chain of string lights to put up there. Or if you are thinking of decorating the place with strong and bright lights, maybe to play with your kids at the evening time, you are definitely going to need different types of bulbs which will be providing a strong light.

4. Keep the length of the strings a bit more than your needs and make sure to check the brightness and other features of the light before buying it finally.
After deciding the place, find out how many chains of string lights you are going to need and what should be their expected length. Even if you do make sure to measure the needed length of the chains, it is always better to keep it a bit longer, at least 3-6 feet longer than your choice. As firstly it will help you to tie up properly and if it seems to be too long, you can always choose to double it at the two ends.

5. Choose a good brand that has huge stocks of different kinds of lights.
Go through some articles and find out which company is producing the best string lights. Visit the website and explore them until you find the perfect one. But no matter what, do not try to settle for low-quality bulbs as mostly they really do not last that long.

Lastly, make sure to use your own imagination power. As no one really knows your home better than you. And thus your unique way of seeing your room will let you understand the needs of your room too. Find out the String lights accordingly and try them at the place of your choice

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