Retro and Vintage Sunglasses Are Making a Comeback

Suddenly, it seems the retro look is everywhere– celebrity hairstyles, high-fashion clothing, kitchen appliances– and you might just be asking yourself: Why?

The answer varies depending on whether you’re talking to a retro-obsessed consumer or a retro-inspired designer, but the general consensus is that everyone feels nostalgia for the 1950s and surrounding decades. For one, technology was on the brink of some amazing advancements, but life still seemed so simple. And simplicity is what a lot of
people crave now that gadgets and complications seem to be just about everywhere.

So, as with everything, what was once old is now new again…and that includes sunglasses!

The Retro Look

A pair of retro sunglasses could be just what you need to transform a cute summer outfit into an even cuter summer outfit! The great thing about retro sunglasses is that they are a super simple accessory, and they’re completely functional. Unlike some clothing items and accessories that may take the retro look too far for some tastes, a pair of retro
sunglasses can be added as a highlight to any style outfit– whether you’re going full out retro, casual, or modern sleek!

Retro sunglasses have a fun appeal to them, just make sure you don’t get the actual retro kind. The only reason is that harmful UV rays can easily penetrate the worn and weak lenses. You’d be best off getting a new pair of retro-style sunglasses, and don’t worry: they won’t be hard to find.

Plenty of companies have jumped onto the retro trends in recent years, and sunglasses are by no means a forgotten piece. Whether you’re looking for slim cat eye glasses or wide, rounded lenses to show off your face shape, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Picking The Best Pair

So, with all of your options, which pair should you choose? That’s completely up to your tastes. Even with thousands of colors to choose from and plenty of styles, you practically couldn’t go wrong. Just choose a pair you like, and keep these style tips in mind:

Mix and match. Depending on your typical outfit, pick a pair that can go with anything (a subtle color, like black or white) or a color that will really pop (like classic ruby red).

Buy two! Who only needs one pair of sunglasses? Get multiple pairs to go with your various outfit styles, and pick more than one shape. Cat-eye glasses might be all the rage, but there are so many other options under the sun worth trying. Don’t lock in to just one look.

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