Update Your Kitchen With Retro and Vintage Appliances

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home, and if it’s like most, it might just be in need of an upgrade. Whether you’re thinking of swapping out some of your appliances for function or fashion, one of the top options you’ll find on the market when looking for stylish replacements is the authentic retro look.


Why Retro?

Retro has made a real comeback in recent years due to its pops of color and use of woods and metals. In the kitchen, the retro style looks especially appealing and can even fit right in with more modern styles– especially those that employ tile floors and neutral tones. The color that retro style appliances will provide makes for the perfect
balance in most kitchens.


But, how do bring in more retro appeal?

Today, there are plenty of retro products on the market to choose from, whether you’re shopping for simple decor —
like kitchen wall clocks or kitchen signs– or functional equipment that can be displayed in style. When it comes to appliances, the top choices include retro microwaves and, of course, retro refrigerators.


Go Bold

If you want to confidently display your love for retro looks in your kitchen, make a bold move by replacing your fridge with a retro-style look. While fully functional and modern on the inside, it will give a great and unique appeal to your kitchen on the outside. You can also get a retro style microwave or retro electric kettle to help balance the look around the room.


Go Subtle

If you’d instead prefer to just a few retro touches here and there, you can go a bit more subtle by picking up some retro highlight pieces, such as a retro scale, retro kitchen timer, or a retro cookie jar. If you want to take it a step further, you can easily find retro salt and pepper shakers, a vintage tablecloth, and kitchen canisters to finish off the look.

3 Tips For Going Retro

Here are three final tips before you start shopping for retro items to spice up your kitchen’s look:

1. Go big or go small. If you want a 100% retro-style kitchen, take it all the way. Otherwise, stick with just 2-3 retro accent pieces.
2. Look at your kitchen’s current color scheme to decide which accent pieces will work best. Do you need sleek-looking retro appliances to balance out a colorful kitchen, or colorful accents to add intrigue to a cool, neutral kitchen design?
3. A kitchen can quickly be turned retro with just a subtle hint– like a retro kitchen sign or clock. If you have a large blank space to hang one, this might be all you need!

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