What Is Retro Style Furniture?

You’ve heard it plenty of times in your life: what’s old will eventually become new again. Fashion, cars, and home décor all function upon an ever-expanding cycle where new trends are added while past ones are cycled through again and again. Retro style furniture is no exception.

The Truth About “Vintage Inspired” Products
The love for the era known as the Golden Age of Television has not subsided even as new emerging trends come out focusing on clean, simplistic, and modern styles, people’s love for the 1950s and the decades surrounding it has really never went away—even through the bright and neon 1980s, the techy ‘90s, and everything beyond.

It’s actually made quite a few designers and stylists question why this particular decade has remained ever popular and almost ageless. The answer? The 1950s was propelled by modern innovations with a mix of nostalgia. Large natural wood consoles were sat atop skinny, crafted legs while metal chair frames were complemented by bright blues and deep greens. Cream accents complimented everything from cars to kitchen appliances, and all together, it simply makes for a look that really works—and it’s especially nice to accent today’s modern and contemporary tastes.

It Goes.
If you were to ask anyone why they had a 1950s inspired look inside their home, they’d probably give you the same answer as top home stylists: “It goes.” The unique looks of the 1950s have no doubt influenced today’s modern styles. While modern home designs of today employ muted and matte color palates, you can see aspects of 1950s flair shine through in the structural design of furniture itself, and within the use of materials.

Modern looks are about using wood with exposed grain, and the 1950s were huge on natural wood too. And, while the 1950s is often remembered for bold colors, modern design is all about accents where those bold choices can really shine against a dark-toned room.

That makes the pairing between modern and retro just about perfect. But for many people, they’ll skip the modern balance all together and just go for a “retro” period. And, in the cycle of design, the 1950s look is “working” once again for all sorts of tastes and applications. So, whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next hairstyle or outfit, or even if you want to completely re-decorate your home, the 1950s will likely be a huge inspiration (or, at the very least, influence) on your choices.

Even if you don’t go bold and bright with the color choices, you’re very likely to end up with materials and furniture similar to the designs that have been so adored since the 1950s and beyond.

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