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Retro Definition – What Is Retro?

When a trend from the recent past stops becoming popular, it is considered retro. Usually these are trends and styles that were popular several decades ago from the mid-20th century. There are styles, especially in fashion and decor, that make a ”comeback” after a certain amount of time, usually two or three decades. These styles are also retro, but can have a modern touch to them as well. Certain retro styles have become iconic and a staple of their respective era, so they are well known and recognizes. The combination of being out-of-date and familiar makes retro styles unique while also nostalgic.

This is why choosing retro home decor can make your home more comfortable as well as stylish. The unique designs will make it memorable for your guests and can even make great conversation topics. For example, you may have a kitchen appliance that brings a nostalgic memory to whoever had the same appliance in their kitchen as a child. Here you can find retro decor for any room in the house, office, or business.

For kids’ bedrooms there are fun retro posters and lava lamps, for the home theater there’s a unique retro popcorn machine, for the kitchen there are modern appliances with a colorful retro twist, and for the living room there are retro coffee tables. For the office you can add a retro coffee machine, and for your personal business you can add funny retro metal signs. Whatever room you are looking to decorate, you can find here.

Vintage Mirrors

Vintage Definition - What Does Vintage Mean?

The word ”vintage” originally means the year in which wine is produced and is used to describe high-quality aged wine, but vintage has come to describe fashion and styles that have aged well. Vintage does not necessarily mean that the actual decor is physically old, it can also mean that the style is inspired by styles that were popular several decades ago. The term applies to clothes, decor, and even toys. What makes vintage home decor special is that it is always in style. This makes it a cost effective way to decorate your home becuase you can simply reuse home decor from several decades prior without spending a dime. You can also buy home decor that is made to look vintage, such as cupboard with chipped paint or faded window curtains.

Vintage home decor gives your home a sense of antiquity. Things that are old, or at least look old, have a certain charm to them that a brand new version does not have. You can find nearly any type of furniture or appliance that is vintage style. Here we have a large of variety of vintage home decor that is perfect for any room in the house.

For the kitchen we have vintage style refrigerators, for the bedrooms we have vintage mirrors and decorative vintage signs, and for the living room we have vintage wallpaper. Your guests and family are sure to love your vintage style home decor.

Vintage Wallpapers

Retro Lighting

Retro vs Vintage

Retro and vintage are terms that are very similar, but also very different. They are both used to describe styles and fashion from decades ago. Usually, retro is used to describe styles from less than five decades ago and vintage is used to describe styles from fifty to a hundred years ago. Each one is similar in that they have a certain unique charm to them. Retro feels more nostalgic since it usually refers to styles popular from your early childhood to late teen years. A good example is lava lamps; they used to be extremely popular during the 80s and almost every child and teenager had one in their room. Vintage is less nostalgic and more charming in that it gives a feeling of going back in time to a simpler time. Vintage styles are usually not nostalgic because they are usually old and were not popular during childhood, but they are well recognized from old snapshots and stories from older generations.

It is important to understand the difference in order to choose the right home decor for your home. If you want something that is more fun and nostalgic, it is best to go for a more retro look. If you are look for a timeless, charming look it is best to go for a vintage look. Whatever you look you decide is right for you, you will find a large selectio here that you will love.

Retro and Vintage Style Tips

• Decide on an era and stick to it. Try not to mix styles from different eras, they will clash and make the room look messy. It is best to decide on one era and try not to stray more than a decade in terms of style.

• Choose a color scheme that is appropriate for the era you chose. For retro these colors are usually muted greens and orange or eye-popping red depending on the era.

• Patterns were very popular during the mid-20th century, expecially on wallpaper. Try to find patterns with geometric shapes and different colors.

• Use appliances that are retro and vintage style. A good way of adding a touvh of retro or vintage without braking the bank on furniture is too add appliances such as microwaves and telephones that are retro styled.

• Texture is a big part of the retro look. Shaggy carpets and soft vinyls are a staple of the 1970s for example.

• Lighting is also very important. Consider adding a lamp with soft yellow lighting or a decorative chandelier depending on the era you are looking to emulate.

• Go for shapes that are extreme on both ends. A round edge sofa with an edged coffee table for example.


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