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How To Select a Great Retro Sign


The size of your sign depends on where you want to hang it. If you are looking for something to hang in your home, it is best to go for a smaller sign that won’t take up too much space. If you are looking for a sign to advertise your business, such as a neon “open” sign, it is best to get a larger size so it can be seen from farther away.


Colors are very important and depend on if you want your sign to stand out or not. Usually when decorating a home with vintage signs, it is best to pick a color which matches the rest of the room and blends in. However, if you are looking for a sign to advertise, it is best to go for a bright and colorful sign that can catch people’s attention.


The theme is very important and depends on what the purpose of the sign will be. If you are looking to decorate your dining room or kitchen, it is best to go with a food and drink theme. If you are looking to advertise, it is best to go with a minimalistic text sign that is straightforward.


The brand is similar to the theme, but is more specific. Branded signs are usually used for decoration of a home or business. You can use Coca-Cola signs to decorate your kitchen, or car logo signs to decorate your business.


There are four main materials used in making signs: metal, wood, porcelain, and neon. Metal and wood are durable and can be used as a decoration in either your home or business, while porcelain and neon can be used to advertise your business.


The decade style that you choose depends on where the sign will be placed. Any style can be great for any place, but it depends on the surrounding decorations and location.

Antique Sings

A simple and easy way to decorate the walls of your home or business is by adding decorative signs. Vintage signs are a great option because they have a very nostalgic feel to them. They come in many different materials and themes, so you can easily find one that fits perfectly in the place you want to decorate.

Here we have a selection of antique signs made from wood, porcelain, and metal. They are a great addition to any room in your home or business. They can be colorful and eye-catching, or subtle and blend in with the rest of the room, depending on your preference. In any case, they are sure to add a feeling of nostalgia to any room!

Tin Signs and Vintage Metal Signs

Vintage metal signs have a unique look to them. They were once very popular, so they have a very nostalgic feel to them. Usually used for advertising, today they can be a great decoration for any home or business. Here we have a large collection of metal signs.

Candy metal signs can be a great decoration in the kitchen, while superhero metal signs can make your game room even more fun. Metal signs with beer and car logos can also make an excellent addition to your business such as a restaurant or bar.

Tobacco Signs

Tobacco was once very popular in the mid-20th century, so there are a lot of advertisements from that era. Although tobacco is not as popular now, its advertisements still remain eye-catching and nostalgic and they make a wonderful decoration for any home bar. Here you can find a large selection of these signs for every brand from Marlboro to Camel. You can also find signs for cigars and chewing tobacco as well.

Wood Signs

Vintage wooden signs are as unique as metal ones, although they have a slightly different feel to them. These signs are great for decorating nearly every room in the house. You can use them on doors as a greeting or in the living room as an eye-catching piece. They can also be used to decorate your business or to advertise it.

Neon Signs

Neon signs were once very popular throughout the mid-20th century. Their eye-catching, luminescent colors and low humming sound are a staple of 1950s businesses. They were mostly used for advertising shops, bars, and restaurants because of their vibrant colors and brightness. Today, they are still popular in advertising, but can be used to decorate your home bar or game room.

Here we have a large selection of neon signs. The classic “OPEN” neon sign can be used at the entrance of your restaurant or bar. We also have branded neon signs with your favorite car or beer logo and nostalgic Coca-Cola neon signs that make for a unique decoration for your game room or home bar.

Vintage Bathroom Signs

After a long day, it’s nice to relax and unwind with a long bath. And it’s even better when your bathroom looks so decorative and retro! Here we have a selection of decorative signs for the bathroom, whether for home or business.

If you have a business, you can make your bathrooms nicer with unique “men” and “women” bathroom signs. At home, you can include old soap advertisements from the early 20th century to give it a vintage look.

Coca Cola Sign

Coca-Cola is a brand that is recognized around the globe, so it’s no wonder the logo is so iconic. Since the beginning, Coca-Cola has released advertised signs to promote their drink. These signs were once very popular and have now become a lovely decoration for any home or business.

Here we have a wide selection of Coco-Cola signs. They are perfect for bars and restaurants or the home kitchen and dining room.

Funny Signs

Although vintage wall décor can be beautiful to look at, sometimes you want to decorate with something that is not so serious and can make you laugh as well. That’s why we have a selection of funny vintage metal signs that are great for any home or business.

There are funny signs suitable for nearly any room or business. We have lighthearted signs for the kids’ room and living room and adult-humor signs for the bar and game room. You’re sure to find the perfect sign that will bring a smile to your face each time!

Garage Signs

Your garage is not just for parking your car, it can be a quiet space to enjoy your hobbies and relax, so why not decorate it accordingly? Here we have a collection of vintage garage signs that make your garage more inviting.

We have nostalgic gasoline logo signs, car logo signs, and mechanic signs. These garage signs are not only for your home garage, they are also perfect for a bar or game room.

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