Vintage Wall Decor

Vintage Wall Decor

When looking to makeover your home, incorporating wall décor is an easy and budget friendly way to start. Even if you don’t have any other kind of retro home décor in your home yet, vintage wall décor can add a subtle touch of retro. Instead of leaving your walls blank and boring, you can add unique retro wall décor that will give your home a sense of nostalgia! Here you can find all types of wall decorations and wallpapers.

Here you can find retro posters for the bedroom, vintage metal signs for the kitchen, and decorative mirrors and wall clocks for the living room. Additionally, you can use vintage wallpaper with retro patterns and colors to complete the retro wall look.

Retro Wall Clock

A clock is a useful and important addition to any room, so why not make it a stylish one as well? Instead of getting a boring wall clock that simply tells the time, get a clock that will bring a smile to your face whenever you check it! Here we have a large selection of vintage and retro wall clocks perfect for any home, business, or office.

For the office and living room there are sophisticated antique wall clocks, colorful sunburst wall clocks for the kitchen, and retro branded wall clocks with your favorite logos such as Coca-Cola and Harley-Davidson for the bedroom. You can also find more neutral and minimalist vintage 1960s wall clocks or contemporary clocks suitable for any room.

Retro Posters

A great and affordable way to add some color and expression to your bedroom is by hanging posters on the walls. There’s so much free space on your bedroom wall, why leave it blank and boring when you can add a decorative poster? Here you can find a large selection of vintage posters that are great for any bedroom wall.

You can choose a poster that is informative as well as stylish, such as scientific chart posters which are illustrated with different species of plants and animals or a vintage topographic map poster. You can also choose something more personal, such as your favorite vintage movie posters or a picture of your favorite celebrity icon from the 20th century.

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Vintage Signs

Metal signs were a popular way to advertise during the mid-20th century. Now companies opt for large billboards, but metal signs are still used as decoration in many businesses and homes because they have a nostalgic feeling to them. Here you can find a wide range of vintage and retro metal signs for decoration.

Adding a metal sign is a great way to turn your own home kitchen into 1950s diner! You can use a branded metal sign with logos like Coca-Cola or metal signs with pictures of a hamburger meal to give your kitchen a nostalgic feel. You can also add branded metal signs of your favorite car logos or sports teams to your bar or restaurant as a unique decoration.

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Vintage Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for applying make-up and adjusting hair, they can be a unique decoration. Vintage mid-20th century decorative mirrors are a great addition to any home or business. Here you can find a large selection of vintage wall mirrors.

A mirror with your favorite beer or car logo is a great addition to your home bar or game room. For the kitchen or dining room, you can add a branded Coca-Cola logo mirror to add a touch of retro. We also have beautiful vintage mirrors with retro frames that are perfect for any bedroom.

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Vintage Wallpapers

If you are looking to make your room feel vintage, you can’t go wrong with retro wallpaper. Wallpaper was very popular during the mid-20th century for its fun patterns. Wallpaper adds a unique and colorful background to your home instead of leaving a boring beige wall. We have here a large selection of wallpaper that look great in every room.

You can use light pastel patterns for a nursery, colorful floral wallpaper for a girl’s room, or bold blue designs for a boy’s room. Your living room can have cozy feel to it with wallpaper adorned with minimalist patterns and soft colors. We have patterns and colors suitable for any room!

Vintage Wall Decor DIY Ideas and Tips

• Pallet Shelves – this is a very budget friendly way to make unique shelves for your living room or kitchen. Wooden pallets can be found for free in nearly every construction site, or you can buy them for under 5 dollars. Sand down and paint the pallet in a retro color such as orange or green, or coat it with lacquer. Then simply nail it securely to the wall and voila!

• Vintage suitcase “cupboard” – you can make this for the kitchen and use it to store soaps, lotions, and make up. You can find a vintage suitcase from any thrift store or antique store for under 10 dollars. You can add some lace to the side of the suitcase to give it an extra flare. Simply secure it to the wall and store all of your necessities for the bath.

• Vintage coat hanger hooks – this is a very useful addition to nearly any room, especially the bathroom. Take vintage wooden coat hangers and hang them upside down against the wall, so the hook is towards the floor. Hang any towels or clothes on them. They give a nice, retro feel and are more creative and decorative than normal hooks.

• Girl’s bedroom – floral printed wallpaper, posters with Marilyn Monroe, a decorative vintage mirror next to the door

• Boy’s bedroom – patterned blue wallpaper, posters of car logos, retro clock with superheroes

• Kitchen – retro clock, Coca-Cola metal signs, DIY vintage cabinet

• Living room – pastel colored wallpaper, decorative mirror, DIY vintage bookshelf

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