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Even though the retro style is widely popular once again in every room of the home (including closets), you probably couldn’t think of a better place for retro decor than your home theatre. After all, the room is dedicated to having a good time, and there is something about the fun and colorful retro look that just adds to any rec room.

If you’re looking for home theatre decor, you have plenty of options–even if you’re just looking for one piece, adding some retro decor can completely upgrade your movie room’s look and feel. Here are some tips for choosing your home theatre decor:

● Go big or go small. Depending on your tastes, you might want to add a lot of retro style pieces, or perhaps just a couple accents. Figure out what will work best for your space and take your shopping spree from there.

● Look up. There are plenty of spots where you can add a retro feel. Wall decor is an obvious choice, but it may not be ideal if your theatre room is kept dark. Instead, some retro movie posters that can be admired before movie time when the lights are on would be perfect. You can even get lighted frames for the perfect ambiance!

● If you’re at a loss for decor because of your movie room’s design, just get a vintage popcorn machine and you’ll make everyone happy. It looks cool when the lights are on, and it smells great when the movie starts–plus, it produces delicious fresh popcorn!

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