Vintage Garage Decor

Despite the fact that the retro style is making a comeback in everything from hair and clothing to kithcen appliances, one of the most fitting places to sneak in some retro-styled accents is the garage. Whether you have a classic car to display it next to or not, neon signs and vintage garage decor seem to fit right in to any garage.

If you’re wondering how far to take it, that’s really up to you. Your options are just about endless when it comes to the decor you can find for your space, whether it’s gas station signs or an authentic and functional jukebox! Here are some styling tips so you can have the coolest vintage garage on the block:

● Determine your space. Before you buy any sort of accents for your garage, make sure everything is tidy and in it’s place so you know how much space you have to work with. Garage signs and decor will need to have a spot to call their own, or everything will end up looking cluttered!

● Commit. Do you want to add a lot or a little? Figure out what will work best for your space and take it from there. Sometimes, all you need is just one super awesome neon sign to completely change a garage’s look and feel around.

● Shop! Now, start looking for fun railroad signs, texaco signs, route 66 signs, or even vintage motorcycle helmets to begin putting together the best look.

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