Vintage Home Decor

Vintage Décor

When decorating and furnishing your house, you will want to make the house comfortable as well as stylish and decorative. A retro design creates a sense of comfort because of the nostalgic styles that were once in fashion, while also staying stylish with its unique look. That’s why we believe retro and vintage home décor is the best way to go!
Here you will be able to find retro furniture, decorations, and accessories that can be used throughout the house. We have everything for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, and bedroom. We also offer helpful tips for what retro and vintage looks like, as well as suggestions and ideas.

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50's Furniture Décor

Mid-century 50’s furniture is a must-have for anyone looking for vintage and retro home décor. Vinyl barstools and chairs are a stylish and colorful addition in the kitchen. Wooden nightstands and sideboards are useful for storage and give an aura of antiquity. Fabric couches are comfortable and come in a variety of colorful and eye-catching patterns, while leather loveseats offer a more sophisticated and classic look.
Here you can find a wide variety of all the must-have retro 50s furniture that will surely give your home a unique, nostalgic feel.

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Vintage Bathroom Decor

We offer a wide variety of vintage bathroom décor. You can decorate and equip your modern bathroom with retro style accessories to give it a comforting nostalgic feel.
You can find anything from shower curtains and showerheads, to accessories such as rubber ducks and bathroom signs. Our selection will surely help you come up with ideas for the perfect vintage bathroom look.
You can decorate your bathroom door with vintage metal signs and pictures used in real old-time ads, use a patterned retro shower curtain for a splash of color, and enjoy a relaxing bath with a fun rubber duck.

Retro Table

Here you can find a large selection of retro and vintage tables of all shapes and sizes. These stylish vintage tables are comfortable and sure to give your home a unique antique feel.
These vintage tables are not only useful and sturdy, but stylish and decorative. Whether you’re looking for a large vintage dining room table or small retro bedside table, you’ll surely find it here.
We have retro coffee tables for the living room that are sure to impress your guests, lovely vintage dining tables that are perfect for family meals, and stylish end tables for personal use in bedrooms.

Retro Coffee Table

Retro End Table

Retro Kitchen Table

Retro Tablecloth

A vintage tablecloth can add a subtle touch of retro to any home. It can be a great way to add some retro style to a home with modern furniture. Here you can find a wide range of styles and sizes that are suitable for a dining room table, coffee table, and end tables.
We have every style from retro checkered diner-style tablecloths for the kitchen, to colorful floral tablecloths for the dining room, to intricate crocheted tablecloths for decoration in the living room.

Home Theater Décor

Nothing beats the nostalgic feeling of going to the movies. With our selection of home theater décor, you can transform even your plain living room into a retro home theater. Here you will find accessories and decorations that will make you feel like you’re watching a film on opening night in a 1950s Hollywood theater.
You can decorate the walls with old timey cartoon menus with dancing snacks, vintage movie posters of your favorite films, and even retro film reels. We also offer a vast variety of popcorn machines, from retro to modern, so you can enjoy delicious popcorn with a refreshing soda while watching your favorite classic movies.

Game Room Décor

Childhood just wouldn’t be the same without the Arcade, where you could play games with friends and enjoy being a kid. Now, thanks to our large collection of retro game room décor and accessories, you can bring that nostalgic feeling into your own home!
We have everything you need to decorate your game room to give it a retro look, from decorative retro bar stools and wall decals of your favorite video games, to bright neon signs and dartboard sets.
With all these fun and colorful additions to your game room, you will surely feel like a kid again and enjoy playing games even more!

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Retro Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a magical time for families to come together. Therefore, it is important for your home to have a familiar, nostalgic feel to it. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of vintage Christmas decorations that you and your family are sure to love.
You can find anything from colorful tree ornaments and wreaths, to bright Christmas lights and decorative stockings. You and your family will celebrate surrounded by classic decorations that are sure to fill the whole house with holiday cheer.

Fridge Magnets

Magnets are a fun and easy way to decorate any metallic surface. They can be a great addition to a locker, fridge, or filing cabinet.
Here you can find a large selection of cool refrigerator magnets that are colorful and decorative.

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Barber Shop Decor

The classic red and blue stripes on a spinning white pole are an unmistakable symbol of retro barber shops. Vintage barber shop décor gives a sense of nostalgia to any room in the house, from the living room to the bathroom.
Here we have a selection of barber shop decorations for your home that you and your family are sure to love. You can find anything from vintage barber shop poles to prices signs.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas and Tips

• Furniture – retro furniture is very abstract and grabs your attention. Sofas are broad and with colorful pillows for splash of color, while chrome barstools have bright colored seats.

• Accessories & Decorations – there are many kinds of decorations that can give a retro feel such as lava lamps, shaggy rugs, and door beads.

• Color – the retro style is often very vibrent and colorful, so it is important to use popular retro colors, such as: Avocado green, mustard yellow, purple, hot pink, and combinations of brown, black, white and red.

• Lighting – lamps with square or tasseled shades or a multi-colored chandelier are both a great choice for retro lighting.

• Floor – there are really only three kinds of retro flooring: natural wood, shag carpeting, or a mix of tiles placed in a checkerboard pattern.

• You can take inspiration from old-time diners: clocks, refrigerators, bar stools, appliances, and more.

• Coca-Cola is a very retro brand, you can find virtually any kind of decoration with the famous logo, such as cups, clocks, posters, and more.

• Using vintage and retro posters is an easy and colorful way to add some retro feeling to any room. You can use posters of retro ads or vintage menus.

• You can use memorabilia of classic celebrities as retro decorations as well, such as posters and pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles.

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